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Sweet spot of film and communication

Alchemy Street specialises in making films and helping performers of all skill levels deliver effectively both on camera and in front of live audiences.

Film Making

We specialise in making films for clients, working from idea stage and through the traditional steps of small film production.We can help you tell your story and get your ideas across through film.

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With over 20 years' experience in performance and communications coaching, we help people to improve their ability to communicate through a variety of practical exercises.

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Film Making

With our small multi-skilled team, we can deliver affordable and good quality short films for clients.

Typical Client challenges:

- What do we need to get a film made?

- What can we achieve with a limited budget?

- How can we best communicate this idea through film?

- How to get best performance in film from non-professionals?

See our film thumbnails below for a cross-section of material.

Our Portfolio

Films made communicating a range of ideas and involving performers with little previous experience of communicating through film.

FRANKD from D-Sav on Vimeo.

We Are P2 D-Sav on Vimeo.

Espadrilles with a difference from D-Sav on Vimeo.

Making Zaccys from D-Sav on Vimeo.

Sara's Story D-Sav on Vimeo.

Paul's Story D-Sav on Vimeo.

Tracing the Spymasters D-Sav on Vimeo.

Preventing Maritime Crimes D-Sav on Vimeo.

Rainy Day Fellas D-Sav on Vimeo.

Recovery Position D-Sav on Vimeo.


After spending thousands of hours beside the camera, we believe that guided playback of communications performance is a key method for building competence with interactions.

Our interactions offer falls into three main areas:

Foundation - for competence in presenting and communicating with authenticity and confidence.

Refresh & Reboot - customised performance and presentation training to achieve your maximum potential in communications.

Media Training - practice in handling journalist interviews and communicating your story in live and recorded media.

One size does not fit all, so all of our courses are bespoke. Please contact us to discuss your communications training needs further.

Blog Posts

Connecting the dots. Latest Thoughts on film making and getting best communications perfomance from individuals.

David Savva

Director & Founder

About us

David Savva is the founder of Alchemy Street and has over 20 years' freelance experience in film making and performance coaching. David has worked with the top agencies and delivered film & interactions assignments all around the globe including work with NGOs. Together with David are an extensive and established network of freelancers enabling Alchemy Street to support a range of scale of client projects.

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